Feedback from Corporate Party

Good morning Mark,

I hope all is well! Thanks again for your support of Yuri’s Night. The tent was packed with happy dancing people, I couldn’t have asked for more! Thanks again!

-Amy E. Pruett, NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center

Feedback from Facebook, regarding a MixCD

This is amazing..I was at a friends on Thanksgiving here in country Knoxville, TN and they put a CD on...and it was all that (Old School of course) ...I had been asking him for months to make me a copy.. Just got it three days ago..and when I saw the friend request I was like... no way...I remember you as a very smart guy and have often wondered what you went on to do in life...Very proud of you and all you have achieved....Panther Pride! Oh, by the way I will be ordering several Mix Cd's..I have a 16 year son who wants to pursue a degree in Aerospace engineering..I can't wait to share your site with him..he is always pressured to be cool and not be true to who God made .... Smart...This is my God moment...Thanks for requesting my friendship..."

-Norma Edwards Reeves

Feedback from a Wedding Reception

This is Danielle, the bride who's wedding you DJ'd in December. I just wanted to send you an email to thank you for making my wedding a hit. Everyone loved the music selection and enjoyed themselves. One of my co-workers and my father in law talks about how great you did all the time. But I just wanted to thank you again. My husband and I truly appreciate you being a part of our wedding. I will definitely recommend you to other fellow brides and friends and keep you in mind when Josh and I decide to have events of our own.

Danielle Foye

Feedback from a custom Step Show CD, produced by DJ Scientific

Hey Scientific-
I just wanted to let you know that we won our show and to thank you again for our music. The person working the sound said we had the best cd out of anyone stepping, so thank you again. I hope to see you Oct. 5th for your happy hour and don't forget to send me the flyer so that I can let Sorors know.


From a Wedding reception

"After 10 years of marriage we still have family and friends comment about the great time that they had at our wedding reception. DJ Scientific (aka Markie B) helped us throw by far our the best social function to date. He was not only able to keep the party flowing, but his music "mixed" people from different ages, regions, and ethnicities into a party that was fun for everyone."

-Adona & Theodore Wimberly

Feedback from News Article on Community Service by Mark “DJ Scientific” Branch

It’s good to see someone getting a kind-hearted mention in the press, and being a good role model. Thanks for doing what you’re doing.

Jon Cooper
Portfolio Manager
Arrowgrass Capital Partners LLP

From Corporate Holiday Party

Dear Mark:
It was our great pleasure doing business with you. Kimathi, Nzinga and Mossi all said that you are renowned as a DJ and a scientist; you did not disappoint us. Everyone enjoyed the music; most importantly, our employees and other guests. Mr. Tull particularly said that you played the best variety/ selection that we have ever had – jazz, latin and R&B dance genres. Caranda and Happy especially complimented your contemporary dance music choices.

I appreciate your kind words about Jackson and Tull and our family. We hope to work with you next year. Will be in touch.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!
-Brenda Tull

Hi Mark, Thanks for your note. No complaints or concerns. Everyone enjoyed your services and the selection of music. We did have fewer people than last year, but we expected that.

Thank you so much for your support. I'll keep you posted for next year!

Feedback from ABC News Story

Hi DJ Scientific,
I had to drop this message! I happened to see you on one of the ABC network news, news programs... it was right after the local news out here in Chicago.

I love your message and how you are reaching the youth, with your way of educating them through DJing. That's fly how you are showing them that DJing and Science is kinda linked to one another!

Look forward to getting tracks and gears to rep you!!!
Peace and Blessings!!!


Feedback from Wedding Reception

I can not begin to thank you for the wonderful job that you did on Saturday. My wedding officially has been labeled the "Summer Jump-Off"!! You did your thing!!

Please send me your address whenever you have a chance, Robert and I would like to send along a token of our appreciation.

All the best,

Tia Breakly-China

Feedback on Wedding Reception:

Well, my husband had to go into the office today so I figured I would use my time alone to just send you all a quick note to say thank you so much for coming out on Saturday from near and far to celebrate with us. We had a "stone cold blast" and we hope that everyone enjoyed themselves as much as we did. We know that you could have spent your labor day weekend doing a whole host of other things but we appreciate that you spent it with us. We are heading out tomorrow to Arizona for a little relaxation.

I know we couldn't thank everyone personally in the shout out section of the cd (inside of the little insert of the cd) but know that you all mean so much to us. I also wanted to publicly thank the best wedding coordinator in the free world, Rochelle Barnes of the Greypatch Group, you my friend (I consider you our friend) are the bomb. I also want to thank the best DJ with a turntable, DJ Scientific, you know we love you personally and professionally (if you need his contact information let us know).

If I don't talk with you guys today, I will catch you when we get back.

Love, Peace and Soul
Bridgette Tillman

Feedback on Speaking Engagement by Mark "DJ Scientific" Branch


Thanks so much for your support and presence at Booker T. Washington Middle School today. I was extremely pleased to find that the students were so interested in your delivery and the message concerning science and math and how they both are related to music. You did an outstanding job and the kids loved it!!!!!

The kids at Booker T. were still "buzzing" after you left about their experience in meeting "DJ Scientific" and Mark Branch the aerospace engineer in the same person.

As you are aware, it is often difficult for positive role models to bridge the generation gap. Many professionals come to this school with a condescending actitude because of the high levels of poverty among the student body. Your message of hope and demonstration with the DJ equipment most certainly captured these young people's attention and will "stick" in their minds for the foreseable future.

Thank you for permitting some of the kids to actually touch the DJ equipment and "stratch". This perhaps, was the highlight of the lecture and demonstartion. Your message that "its cool to be both a scientist and a DJ" went over well with the kids.

Again, thank you. We look forward to a field trip to meet you at Goddard Space Flight Center in the near future.

Roderick C. Willis
Young People's Media Institute

Feedback from Corporate Event at The Gaylord (National Harbor in DC)

Thanks again for everything, you make me look like a rock star. I have calls into Meghan and Maggie in regards to what the client thought and I will get you that feedback as soon as I have it.

Follow up: Tremendous as usual. I just heard back from Meghan, Maggie's assistant and she said you were great to work with, did an amazing job, and the client was very happy.

Clint Robbins

Feedback from Corporate Party (featuring En Vouge) at Bobby McKeys at The National Harbor in DC

Good job at the En Vogue/Global Ad1 party last night. I wanted to stop by and say what's up but you were busy.

Keep doing what you do!

Sterling Ashby

P.S. you did a party at my house a few years back and people still talk about it.

Feedback from Private Birthday Celebration


Thanks so much for your help with our party. The music was perfect and everyone had a great time. You know if you ever need a reference, we'd be happy to speak up for you :)

All the best to you and your fiance on the wedding. Joe and I are proof that marriage can be done successfully...it just takes work (like anything worth having)!


Feedback from Private Party for Warren Thompson of Thompson Hospitality Corp.


Thanks you so much for assisting in making the party a hit! - I spoke with Benita and she and Warren were really pleased with the outcome of the weekend. This was one of the first parties where the guests actually danced. You had them up on many songs and rocked the party. I hope you had a good time. Looking forward to many more ventures.

Thanks again

Kimberly J. Manning
Events Management
916 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE
Washington, DC 20003

Feedback from Speaking Engagement

Thank you for speaking to the young men at Milford Mill last week despite the technical difficulties. We gave each of them a comment sheet after the speakers left and received all positive feedback. Thanks again for taking time out of your busy schedule.

Stephanie Lawrence

Feedback from a typical Friday Night at Lounge 201 in DC

soooo..EVERYONE is still talkin about friday night and how the dj was sooo on point!!! just thought you should know!

Nikki Washington

General Feedback on DJ Scientific

Hi DJ Scientific! This is Jennifer. I just wanted to say "hi." I was listening to XM Radio today and they played an old school R&B set & that made me think of you. Also, I saw you on Good Morning America a few weeks back...I'm glad you are doing well! I just hit your website up & sampled a few of your "Flashback" series. Keep up the good work. When I get married, you will be my #1 choice to DJ the reception :o)

Jennifer Mitchell

Feedback from Good Morning America Story

Hey Mark, I just saw your story on Good Morning America - Loved it! You are a true genius. My friends and I will be in Washington, DC January 17-21, 2009 for the Inaugural weekend. Will you be Deejaying anywhere in the DC area that weekend? If so please let me know when and where.