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Flashback Vol. 7: Classic Hip-Hop
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Flashback Vol. 7: Classic Hip-Hop

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Included files: one (1) 70 min mp3 file with embedded Album Art (for mp3 player)

The 411 on FB # 7:

OLD SCHOOL HIP-HOP HEADS…THIS ONE IS FOR YOU!!!! This is another Classic mix that has received tons of positive feedback from those who have copped it!! Again, this is another mix that will always stand the test of time. It’s a shame that we don’t get good Hip-Hop like this any more on a regular basis. Over 70 minutes long, with no breaks and no obnoxious shout outs!! I just add a few drops here and there to let you know who did the mix! Basically, more music and less talk! Over 70 minutes worth of non-stop, party style music!

Playing Suggestions:

Classic House Party! You need to put this into the mix if you have an Old School Party and your guests want to hear some Classic Hip-Hop. I’ve actually gotten several good workouts in the gym listening to this on my iPod. Strictly Hip-Hop!!! Also great riding music for road trips!


1) "Top Billin'" - Audio Two

2) "Plug Tunin'" - De La Soul

3) "Still #1" - KRS-ONE

4) "Microphone Fiend" - Eric B & Rakim

5) "Eric B for President" - EricB&Rakim

6) "Stop, Look, Listen" - MC Lyte

7) "My Adidas" - Run-DMC

8) "I Got It Made" - Special Ed

9) "Strictly Business" - EPMD

10) "Nobody Beats The Biz" - Biz Markie

11) "Make The Music" - Biz Markie

12) "It's Yours" - T La Rock

13) "Attitude" – Antoinette

14) "Brand New Funk" - Jazzy Jeff/Fresh Prince

15) "Straight Out The Jungle" - Jungle Bros.

16) "Buddy" - De La Soul

17) "The Show" - Doug E Fresh

18) "Ain't No Half Steppin" - Big Daddy Kane

19) "Everybody Get Up" - Salt-n-Pepa

20) "Freaks Come Out at Night" – Whodini

21) "Children's Story" - Slick Rick

22) "Rollin' With Kid n Play" - Kid-n-Play

23) "Paper Thin" - MC Lyte

24) "I Ain't No Joke" - Eric B/Rakim

25) "I Know You Got Soul" - Eric/Rakim

26) “How Ya Like Me Now" - Kool Moe Dee

27) "The Godfather" - Spoonie Gee

28) “Self Destruction" - Various

29) "900 Number" - 45 King

30) "Night of the Living Baseheads" - Public Enemy

31) "Peter Piper" - Run-DMC

32) "Mona Lisa" - Slick Rick

33) "Raw" - Big Daddy Kane

34) "It Takes Two" - Rob Base

35) "Rapper's Delight" Sugar Hill Gang

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