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Flashback Vol. 8: 90s Hip-Hop
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Flashback Vol. 8: 90s Hip-Hop

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Included files: one (1) 70 min mp3 file with embedded Album Art (for mp3 player)

The 411:
This is another one for my true Hip-Hop fiends! This time, 90s style! Don’t worry…all the mixes in the Flashback series are relatively CLEAN, with most, if not all, curses edited out. Basically, you can play the Hip-Hop mixes from the Flashback Series in front of ma dukes and you won’t get smacked!! Definitely HOT! Definitely REAL!! This isn’t that Cracker Jack “Hip-Hop” that we are bombarded with on a daily basis nowadays. This is that REAL ISH from back in the day! This is more of a mid-tempo mix all the way through. Over 60 minutes of non-stop HIP-HOP!!!

Playing Suggestions:
As this mix is edited, play it in conjunction with the other 90s mixes in the Flashback Series for a HOT house party! It’s also good music to play in the whip, especially if your system is tight! As you ride by folks playing today’s plethora of cookie cutter artists (i.e., Lil’ This Week or Young Last Week and the like), turn up your bass and give them a blast from the past and a dose of some REAL Hip-Hop that STILL rocks!!


1) "My Mind's Playing Tricks" - Geto Boys
2) “If I Ruled the World" - Nas
3) "Give Up he Goods" - Mobb Deep
4) "Shook Ones" - Mobb Deep
5) "Step Into A World" - KRS-ONE
6) "Doin It" - LL Cool J
7) “I Like It" - Grand Puba
8) “Slow Down" - Brand Nubian
9) "Crooklyn" - Crooklyn Dodgers
10) “Gin & Juice" - Snoop Dogg
11) "Rock This Funky Joint" - PRT
12) "Mass Appeal" - Gang Starr
13) "Buck 'Em Down" - Black Moon
14) "Headbanger" - EPMD/ K-Solo/ Redman
15) “Dwyck" - Gang Star/Nice&Smooth
16) "Take It Easy" - Mad Lion
17) “Award Tour" - A Tribe Called Quest
18) "Hip-Hop Junkies" - Nice&Smooth
19) "Punks Jump Up" - Brand Nubian
20) "They Want Efx" - Das Efx
21) "Ego Trippin'" - De La Soul
22) "Rebirth of Slick" - Diggable Planets
23) "Take It Personal" - Gang Starr
24) “Your Mom's In My Business" - K-Solo
25) "Straighten It Out" - Pete Rock/CL Smooth
26) "OPP" - Naughty By Nature
27) "Hip Hop Hurray" - Naughty By Nature
28) "Horse & Carriage" - Cam'Ron/Ma$e
29) "Don't Let It Go To Your Head" – Brand Nubian
30) "I Love The Dough" - Biggie/Jay Z
31) “Jussumen (Remix)" - Das Efx

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